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Art and creative expression through it.
This is my philosophy.

Hand-painted garments with brushes, each one unique in style and theme.
In my creations fashion and painting become one, the exquisite greek silk from Soufli is becoming the canvas to express myself.
Luxurious natural fabrics blend in with colors and designs until they become what I envisioned.
The goal is to bring out the uniqueness of my art in clothing.
Achievement comes when someone chooses to wear it.

We guarantee the excellent quality of materials and seams, essentials for each piece so that it becomes… Wearable Art!

handmade garments sample 01

wearable art

art kukuLi is all about wearable art.

Stand out by choosing a unique kukuli design and transform yourself…

Ask us to create something especially for you. Dream, imagine, and we will make it happen.


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